Common Techniques Used in Chiropractic Care

When you think of a chiropractor, the first thing that probably comes to mind is a robotic, metal, medical device. These aren’t always the most effective tools for the job. There are many excellent methods that have been utilized by physicians for years in order to perform effective spinal manipulation on patients. This article examines some of these and how they are being utilized today.

The chiropractor is a specialist who specializes in treating the spine, joints, muscles, and ligaments in order to restore them to optimal health. To be an effective chiropractor, a good understanding of anatomy and physiology is essential. By understanding the mechanics of the human body and how it is affected by the relationship between the bones and the surrounding tissue, a chiropractor can provide safe, effective, and long-lasting spinal adjustments.

It is common practice to perform spinal manipulation using an instrument known as a manual sprain simulator. With the help of this device, the chiropractor can see the location of each of the joints and joint muscles. He or she can then adjust the spinal area so that the joints can function properly again. This reduces the amount of patient pain, making it possible for the chiropractor to reduce the number of adjustments necessary to treat their patients.

Chiropractors use leg exercises to strengthen and tone the muscles in the hip, knee, and back areas. They use different stretches and contractions to improve these areas. The ultimate goal is to increase the range of motion and improve the range of motion in the spine. Correcting any improper posture is important as well. Chiropractors also provide therapy to improve bone density and muscle strength.

It is important for good chiropractic care for a physician to monitor a patient’s movements… especially one with low back pain… to make sure that weight is being distributed correctly. One way to accomplish this is with the use of a device called a back lever. This device helps the chiropractor lift the patient’s hips to relieve pressure on the low back. Since it is fitted above the knee cap, it does not put too much strain on the knees, which can be especially painful when they are overused. A fitness ball can also be used to help the patient stretch the lower back area, regaining the  range of motion that was lost from strained back muscles.

Next, the chiropractor must get the patient to relax. The therapeutic techniques that he or she will use will require the patient to calm down. Using various techniques such as light stroking, stretching, and massage, will relax the patient and allow the chiropractor to perform the necessary adjustments.

Eliminate Joint and Back PainThe true extent of spinal manipulation depends on several factors, including the degree of pain that the patient has. Often, patients who have acute back pain will only need a minimal amount of manipulation in order to feel better. This is a good option for patients who do not have chronic or serious back problems. However, if the patient has ongoing pain, the amount of treatment needed should be carefully weighed against the amount of treatment required for the condition.

Patients who have recurring back problems often need a combination of treatments to achieve their goals. In some cases, the physician may recommend the use of an instrument known as a compression splint. A chiropractor can use this to help the patient achieve pain relief without as much manipulation. The chiropractor will use it in conjunction with adjustments as well as stretching and joint mobilization exercises.

While the spine itself is not usually injured, spinal muscle stiffness can lead to chronic pain and even numbness. In these cases, the chiropractor will use spinal traction to achieve relief. Muscle stiffness can sometimes be reduced by inducing in the patient some mild stress to the joints, such as performing a full range of motions.

The other most commonly used technique in chiropractic care is known as “manual transposition.” This is when the patient lies flat on his or her back on a couch while the chiropractor stands over them. The chiropractor then uses a device known as a transverse transabdominal catheter to place a flexible tubing into the pelvis.

There are numerous techniques available for chiropractors to used to provide their patients with high quality chiropractic care. Each technique is a relatively inexpensive way to provide medical care to patients.

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