3 Stress-Relieving Tips for All Women

We live in a stressful society. I think we can all agree on that. While both men and women suffer from stress, it’s generally true that women have more stress, coming from more directions, and more consistently than most men do. The unique challenges facing women these days make it very important to get all the information on the many different ways in which women can relieve stress.

I don’t mean this to sound sexist, and I know that every situation is different, but the truth is that, if you’re a working wife and mother, you have the demands of your boss, the demands of your children and their often overloaded schedules, and the demands of your husband. That’s a lot of demanding going on!

There’s a lot coming at her all at once, and it’s vitally important she takes care of herself and her health so she can meet those demands head-on.

Here are some easy to implement techniques for relieving stress that anyone can start right now. Here is a list of some of the most common:

1. Learn to say no.

Women are often guilty of trying to take care of everyone except themselves. The reality is that your heart may be big but your time frame is not. Sometimes you just can’t chaperone that field trip or make those cookies for the bake sale.

As the primary caregiver in many cases, women often feel as if they are letting their kids, or spouse, down if they don’t jump right in and make it all better.

Take care of yourself first and the rest will follow. Remember when you are on a plane and the flight attendant tells you to put the oxygen mask on yourself first, then help others? This is the real-world equivalent of that.

It is ok to say no. This is one of the most important things many women need to learn.

2. Take a hike.

I mean it. Go for a walk, jog, swim, bike ride, etc. Get some exercise. Exercising will keep your body healthy and it can help you clear your head and blow off steam.

Many women have a hard time letting their frustrations out. Even today, most ladies are still brought up to be “ladies”. They’re not brought up to think that it’s ok to get mad and throw a fit. But… it is ok to get strenuous exercise into your daily routine. Working up a sweat is a great way of working off steam.

3. Be selfish.

This is somewhat related to step one. However, in this case, I mean take some time for yourself. Meet your friends for coffee, go for a massage, etc.

And, make these times out a priority. Don’t just fit them in when you can. Set one day a week, or one hour a week, and have some fun. Do something just for you and don’t feel guilty about it when you do. You’ve earned it.

If you take this information on how women can relieve stress and implement it on a regular basis you will lower your blood pressure, raise your spirits, and make your family much happier too!

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