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Website Traffic Generation

Websites are worthless without traffic, and creating traffic is the key to a successful online business. Website traffic generation can be very tricky. You want to a lot of traffic, but you also need the right kind of traffic. Before we can discuss website traffic generation, we need to spend a few moments talking about the different types of website traffic.

Website Traffic Generation Will Create
3 Types of Traffic

website traffic generationWebsite traffic generation can lead to three types of traffic. Directly referred, indirectly referred & organic traffic. Directly referred traffic typically arrives to your website from a link in an Email. Indirectly referred traffic typically arrives from a link on another site. Organic traffic is the one you want! When that type of traffic arrives at your site, it’s the result of very good website traffic generation practices.

When website traffic generation is done correctly, organic traffic comes to your site directly from search engines. Someone searches for something in a search engine … and they find you. These people will be highly targeted leads … qualified buyers, looking for what you have to offer, credit card in hand and ready to purchase. Through keyword research and effective website traffic generation, your website can be featured on the first page of any search engine.

Three Reasons Website Traffic Generation
Is So Difficult:

The entire concept of website traffic generation is challenging. There are several stages involved in most programs or campaigns designed to effectively drive organic traffic to your website. This entire process is called Search Engine Marketing … or SEM, and the three principal reasons most people fail at this type of website traffic generation are listed below.

Do any of these complaints sound familiar to you?

“I Am Not Sure What Type Of Traffic
My Website Traffic Generation Is Producing.”

You have a lot of traffic, but have not increased your sales. You’re checking Google Analytics and you find that there are lots of visitors to your site … but you are having no sales conversions. In this case, you are probably creating the incorrect type of traffic. You’ll need to refine the type of traffic you are targeting. Remember a lot of traffic is great, but you want organic traffic … targeted prospects who are ready to purchase what you are offering.

Remember This: It is better to have 35 highly-targeted, very interested, and purchase-capable visitors to your website in a month, than it is to have 15,000 visitors who couldn’t care less about what you have to offer. It’s easy to get that random kind of traffic … it just does you no good! If you want to find a needle, do you go to a haystack or to a sewing supply store? Good website traffic generation practices dictate we go to the sewing supply store … that’s Organic Traffic from Search Engines.

“I Am Not Getting Enough Traffic.”

There are numerous reasons you may not be getting enough traffic. In this case, your website traffic generation strategy probably needs be tweaked. You may be ranked too low on search engines. You may need to alter your keywords or distribute more content. Quality keyword research and widespread, effective content distribution are both vital parts of a good website traffic generation program. You need to know what you’re doing here, or you could end up wasting a lot of time and effort.

“I Don’t Have Time To Distribute
All My Content.”

After spending hours creating content in the form of blog posts, videos, articles, podcasts, documents, etc., all of that has to be uploaded and distributed to various sites one by one. Anyone who has begun a website traffic generation program built on content distribution will be aware that it’s possible to spend hours uploading videos and articles and then trying to enter all of those in status and bookmarking sites. Sometimes it can seem as if there are just not enough hours in the day to get everything finished. Before you know it, it is time to start the process over again and now you’re out of content! Unless we can maximize … or outsource … our efforts in this area, it’s very easy to become overwhelmed by it all.

Stop Your Website Traffic Generation Woes!

At Online Techniques we offer website traffic website traffic generationgeneration programs that create organic traffic. Search engine traffic depends on content creation and distribution. The most powerful types of content are videos, articles, blog posts, audio and image files, and podcasts. In our website traffic generation programs, this content is distributed to at least 18 video hosting sites … 7 podcast sites … 3 status sites … 43 bookmarking sites … along with any other appropriate distribution hubs. The most effective website traffic generation programs create content and distribute it frequently so your website will dominate the first page of search engine searches for your chosen keywords.

Do you think a website traffic generation program that puts your website on the first page of Google will help your online business?

Let Online Techniques help you make the most of your time online. Stop spinning your wheels and trying to push that rope up a hill! See our list below. These are our most commonly requested website traffic generation services … and we’d be happy to discuss how we could put them to work for you!

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Website Traffic Generation Services


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Website Traffic Generation

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