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Thursday, December 9, 2010

The most important thing you need to learn in any kind of Internet Marketing Training, in our opinion here at Online Techniques, is blogging and branding. Learning how to build a blog from the ground up in a way that will actually grab traffic to your site is essential!

This lesson is entitled “The Online Techniques Blog Building Workshop”, and it’s actually NOT a lesson in itself. In this session, Steve Gaghagen of Online Techniques talks about how he started our planning a one or two live session blogging workshop and ended up creating a series of videos that cover it all. Steve lays out how the list of necessary subjects to cover grew from a couple to a LOT, and how the project grew to become the first Online Techniques product that you can pre-order at a discount for delivery just in time for Christmas.

Below the video you can download the PowerPoint slides used in the training. You’ll also find a link to the Online Techniques Blogging Workshop Video Series pre-order page so you can take advantage of this as well.



DOWNLOAD the Powerpoint Slides Here

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