Keywords – Are They Your Friends Or Your Enemies?

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

At this Thursday Evening Session in the Learning Wing, we tackled the subject of Keywords … with this session entitled: “The Keyword Puzzle – Are They Your Friends Or Your Enemies?”

Most of us have wild misconceptions about keywords. We tend to misunderstand what they are … how to find them … and how they should actually serve us to help build our businesses. I’ve met many experienced online marketers who have successful businesses that still lack a basic understanding of keywords and how they work.

In this session we’ll talk about just what exactly keywords are … we’ll talk about the different kinds of keywords and what special purposes they serve … and I’ll show you a simple method of keyword research that doesn’t cost a thing and will tell you all you really need to know to select or reject a keyword. It’s actually not rocket science and shouldn’t be intimidating. In fact … it’s kind of fun!







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