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Thursday, Oct 25, 2011

This lesson is entitled: “It DOES Matter What You Write & Send – Are Your Emails Doing All They Can?”

Too many people today fall for the overly-simplistic line of reasoning that goes something like this: “It doesn’t matter what I send in an email to a credit-based list … everyone wants the credits, so they’ll click on the link and open the website anyway”.

To some extent, that may be true. However the conclusion that because people will click on a link means that “it doesn’t matter” what you write is simply flat wrong. The fact is … it only changes your job description. If you can jolt people out of their normal routine … brand yourself quickly in the subject line and first few lines of an email … people can be brought to your website in a more responsive and receptive frame of mind. THAT can set you apart, even within the highly competitive environment of a credit-based safelist!

This lesson is designed to tear down the misconceptions about email marketing that may be holding you back from reaching your full effectiveness potential in that arena. Sit back and relax … and listen to some tips and advice that may just take your way of viewing credit lists, safelists, and email marketing in general … and turn it completely around.







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