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Thursday, September 5, 2013

At the beginning of last year (2012) Google began a series of updates to their algorithm. The first became known as “Panda”. A couple of months later they followed that with its “cousin”, known as “Penguin”. These updates were basically complete everhauls that had a profound effect upon the way the Google Search engine behaved … and what criteria were used as it made the all-important decisions as to what exactly it was going to “serve up” in search results.

The wide-ranging nature of the changes brought about by these updates took a while to become completely apparent, but when the dust settled a few months later it had become clear that the entire game of search engine marketing had been basically changed. Among these changes were some vital and HUGE changes to the world of keywords … their importance and the way in which they can be used to help your content be found on the web. A lot of the old SEO tactics … especially the more “Black Hat” techniques … simply became worthless, if not downright harmful to those that used them. At the same time, Google opened up entire new vistas of SEM possibility for those who were open to seeing them and accommodating the new changes. One of the most recent developments is the disappearance of the ubiquitous Google Keyword Tool, which most of us have come to rely on as one of our basic tools for Keyword Research.

What? The Keyword Tool is gone? Yes it is. But don’t despair …

What we have here is the first in a 2-part lesson concerning Keywords and Keyword research … in the Brave New World of Search Engine Marketing post Panda and Penguin. This 1st in the series is entitled “Goodbye Google Keyword Tool Part 1: What Do We Do Now?”. In it we discuss just what’s happened with keywords … how their importance has changed … their new place in the world of getting found online … and some new and old tools you can use to replace it in your keyword research routine.







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