FTP – What Is It And Do I Need To Worry About It?

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Here’s a funny thing: When we did this session LIVE in the Learning Wing, a couple of things happened. First off I didn’t plan the lesson very well when it came to timing. The lesson involves FTP and sending files to your website directly from your computer. I should have queued up only three or four files … but I chose to completely load a blog with plugins and themes and gave no thought to how long that would take. What happened was that the poor folks sitting in the room had to wait and there was a lot of down time.

Additionally, when I was demonstrating how to change the header of a site using FTP and simply renaming image files I used two that were so similar that I thought the header remained the same and something had gone wrong … when actually it had worked fine!

To make a long story short … the live class was sort of a debacle and I need to apologize to the poor folks actually in the room that evening. HOWEVER … I fixed it all in post! The movie came out GREAT! I was able to remove the down time and also re-shot the ending.

This lesson is entitled “FTP – What Is It And Do I Need To Worry About It?”. In it you’ll see a good demonstration of the uses of FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and learn how using it might help you.








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