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LSI Keywords: What Are They & How Do I Use Them?

LSI Keywords: What Are They And How Do I Use Them?

Latent Symantic Indexing & What It Means To You

LSI Keywords | Online Techniques

We’ve been hearing a lot about “Latent Symantiic Indexing” and “LSI Keywords, and much of it’s confusing. I’ve been teaching lessons on it recently and I’ve found that many bloggers know nothing of this subject and many others are just woefully ill-informed.

With this in mind I’ve collected some of the most nformative, most accurate and easiest to understand information for your use right here in this post. You’ll find a lot of information here, and I hope you find it helpful.


More Intelligent Keyword Research – YouMoz Blog

More intelligent keyword research – How to Pick Up More Longtail Traffic When Targeting Head Terms … Sep 6

Most of us in digital marketing know the days are gone where you can whip out the Google keywords tool, find some juicy targets and create mini-pages/sites optimized for those individual keywords.

Using LSI For Search – Small Business Mavericks

Using LSI For Search – Small Business Mavericks Mar 2013

Suggested keyword density was 1% to 5%, which means for every 100 words of content on a page, the keyword you were optimizing for had to appear 1 to 5 times on that page. It used to be, if you wanted to rank web pages, then you had to count your keywords. Webmasters used what they called keyword densities.

Semantic Web & Link Building Without Links – The Moz Blog

Semantic Web and Link Building without Links – The Future for SEO – Moz Jan 2013 – a few great blog posts have been created recently around the subject of LSI, or Latent Semantic Indexing, including this one linked to on our own blog.

LSI Keywords: What Are they And How Can You Benefit? – TightLine Productions

LSI Keywords: What Are They And How Can You Benefit? | Tight Sun, 11 Aug 2013 18:04:16 GMT

If you’re a website or blog owner in the online marketing niche, you probably know how hard it can be to increase traffic to your website. There is a fine balance between the need to create quality content and to optimize 

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