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eZineArticles Plugin For Wordpress

eZineArticles Plugin For WordPress: Delete It Now

The eZineArticles Plugin
For WordPress

Delete It Now!

The eZineArticles Plugin For WordPress
The Google Debacle!

The eZineArticles plugin for WordPress has been one of the things we’ve recommended and used here at Online Techniques with great success. This blog post is necessary, however, because as of right now we are no longer recommending using the eZineArticles plugin. In fact, we are recommending you de-activate and then delete the eZine Articles plugin from your WordPress blog.

Here’s the story …

The eZineArticles Plugin For WordPress
The Directory Giant Loosens up!

eZineArticles is the most powerful and most visited article directory on the Internet. For years it’s been a traffic giant, and a great tool to use in your traffic generation programs. They have always been a bit picky, though, and would never publish your articles if they found them on another article directory first. In fact, for a long time, they didn’t even like seeing your articles posted on your own site!

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