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Content Creation Problems: Here Are Some Great Tips!

Is Consistant Content Creation
Your Problem?

Here Are Some Great Tips That Will Help …


All of us have challenges coming up with new, fresh content for our websites on a regular basis. It can be time consuming, and many times the ideas about what to write about just don't come!

I want to share two things with you today. Both have to do with content creation, and the first is fun … and good!

Have you met Marie Forleo? If not, then I'm happy to introduce you to each other. Marie is a very fun and talented video blogger. She is a motivational and online business teacher and has a great site you can visit at Marie Forleo.

In this short video, Marie will walk you through something that might help with your content creation problems … "How to Write Fast: 8 Secrets To Better, Quicker Content".

I like her a lot … she's fun!

Here are some more tips from a different source … a source with a different point of view.

Heidi Cohen is the President of Riverside Marketing Strategies. She comes at this subject from the viewpoint of one running a company … not someone working on their own, as Marie does. This, however, really makes very little difference to the concepts she presents to help with your content creation and marketing problems.

Here is an article from ClickZ, written my Ms Cohen, that has some very valuable ideas.


Content Marketing Drives Social Media and Sales …

By Heidi Cohen – "To support your content creation engine have an ongoing process within your organization to ensure you've got a constant flow of potential articles …"

No matter where on the learning curve you are, these are some great ideas that might really help you … depending just where you are in your online business development. Pick the ones you think will help you the most right now … and put them into action!

The most important thing, I believe, is that we must get systematic in our content creation … in some way. Too many of us create our web content in a haphazard and careless manner. If you want to see things get simpler and content creation seem easier … put some systems in place that will help you.

Once you have some systems working for you … helping you decide what to write about and when to write about it … be sure you visit the Learning Wing here on our site and check out the lesson titled: "How To Write An Article In 30 Minutes". You'll learn a foolproof method that will have you writing traffic grabbing articles in about half an hour! No kidding!

That's it for today. Have a GREAT afternoon, Folks!

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Search Engine Optimization | Online Techniques

Search Engine Optimization: Reverse Engineering Search Engine Algorithms is Getting Harder

Search Engine Optimization:
Maybe A Quality Site Is Just Easier Now …

Everywhere we turn these days we're hearing about "Panda" and "Penguin" and how Google is changing the game in search engine optimization of our websites. Well, today I found this great article that really helps make clear just what is going on.


Search Engine Optimization | Online Techniques

The fact is, the concept of "search engine optimization" is based on creating a certain set of circumstances existing on your page that … not to put too fine a point on it … convince Google that something they want to see is there, when most usually … it's not. Google likes to see lots of interest in a site by a lot of different folks … so we back-link to create that impression. Google likes to see that the content of a site is delivering information pertinent to a particular search … so we compose with an eye to keyword density, sometimes saturating a post or page with our keyword. In short … Searcch Engine Optimization is really "gaming" the system to gain ranking.

All of the changes in how things work that Google has made lately have been designed to reduce the effectiveness of search engine optimization and all SEO strategies. Google wants to force content creators and web designers to "put on the white hat" and focus on creating relevant, high quality websites that deliver pertinent high-quality content to the end user.

Guess what? With the way things are going … it just might be easier these days to create and manage a really high quality, content delivering site … than it is to deal with the difficulties of SEO in this new environment.

Here's a great article by Peter Van Der Graff just published in Search Engine Watch. Take a look and see what he says about it all.

Reverse Engineering Search Engine Algorithms is Getting Harder

By  – "A quality website will become more of a mindset and less a collection of correct signals."

There you have it. With things moving the direction they are these days, it just might be easier, simpler, and a more successful strategy in the long term, to simply stop with the "thin" affiliate sites … and learn to create quality websites that serve the end user best and can stand on their own in this Brave New World of content delivery in the 21st Century.

Although SEO strategies still do work, and are probably not going to disappear overnight, the handwriting may be on the wall in the sense of what is more effective. If you want my two cents worth … go for the high quality approach. Keep good SEO practices in mind, but don't rely on them alone to get your websites ranked. It's quality content and ease of use for the end user that Google wants to see these days.

So … let's give 'em what they want!

Thanks for visiting and Have a Great Day!

Steve Gaghagen

Search Engine Optimization

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Online Techniques Blogging Workshop

The Online Techniques
Blogging Workshop

The Online Techniques Blogging Workshop Is Here!

Blogging Workshop = SEO For Blogs!

Today I’m proud to announce that the Online Techniques Blogging Workshop is finally here and available to YOU!

After over 5 months of work, this 14 video series … The Online Techniques Blogging Workshop … has been completed and mounted in a convenient online website … and it’s ready to help you with your blog building endeavors! In the Blogging Workshop you’ll learn everything you really need to know about search engine optimized blogs, and SEO for blogs!

You Might Ask: Do I Need The Blogging Workshop Videos?

Online Techniques Blogging WorkshopIf you’re in business online … then you probably know the answer to this already: You DO need the OT Blogging Workshop!

Blogging is a necessary part of any online business today. If you’re not blogging, then you aren’t getting the targeted, repeat traffic you need, and you aren’t building relationships with your customers and prospects! Without a blog, they really have no “home base” to go to where they can get to “know, like and trust” you!

Why should they become your “repeat buyers” or business partners if they have no way to get to know you personally?

The short answer is … they won’t.

That’s what blogging is all about … and that’s why you need to do it if you want to build an online business long-term … and that’s why you need the OT Blogging Workshop! These blogging workshop videos are the perfect way to learn and perfect all aspects of blogging.

What’s The Blogging Workshop All About?

The single most important problem you probably haveOnline Techniques Blogging Workshop with your current blog … or that you will have as you begin to learn to blog … is traffic. Getting quality, targeted, responsive, and interested traffic to your site is key. That’s why the Blogging Workshop is focused on helping people build search engine optimized blogs!

How you build and configure your blog is vital to how easy or difficult it’s going to be for you to attract traffic! The OT Blogging Workshop is ALL About Traffic!

The OT Blogging Workshop:
A Tune-Up For Your Equipment

So … once we realize that we DO need to be blogging … and we do need to be attracting traffic … and we don’t want to have to struggle day in and day out to do it … that brings us to a very serious question:

How good is your blogging equipment?

Are you involved in sports? Do you use equipment in your favorite sport like clubs in golf, raquets in tennis, or skis and snowboards? If you do, you’ll know just how important having good equipment can be. It can make the difference between being successful, skilled, and having fun … and having a difficult time, not enjoying yourself, and falling short of your capabilities.

Online Techniques Blogging WorkshopWell … blogs are like that as well! If you’re blogging on a typical blog, things are more difficult for you than they need to be! The OT Blogging Workshop is designed to make things easy for you. The fact is, most people are not using search engine optimized blogs, have almost no knowledge of correct blog building techniques, and are shooting themselves in the foot as far as their online business! That can all end for you with the OT Blogging Workshop!

The Online Techniques Blogging Workshop is actually a “tune up” for your blogging equipment! You don’t need to be left behind in the world of blogging … you can compete with the “Big Boyz” … but you need to have a blog that’s designed to ATTRACT TRAFFIC and not just sit there! The Blogging Workshop can help you build a blog … or configure an existing blog … to do just that! After all, your blog should be your partner … not your adversay! The OT Blogging Workshop will make your ornery blog friendly again!

The OT Blogging Workshop:
A Tune-Up For Your Equipment

Here’s another question: Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to write a blog post, get it live on your site, and know that in spite of competition on your keyword of over 11,000,000 other websites … it would be on the front page of a Google search within 24 to 36 hours?

Of course you’d like to be able to do that! Who wouldn’t?

Well … in the Online Techniques Blogging Workshop … that’s exactly what we teach you! The Blogging Workshop will show you everything you need to know to “Tune Up” your blog … your equipment … so that you can do just that … anytime you like! It’s really not all that difficult once you know how and once you have the properly configured equipment !


Do You OT Blogging Workshop Guys Really Know What You’re Talking About?

Good Question!

Here’s a simple answer:

Before you read any further … open a new tab … go to Google … and search “blogging workshop” (with no quotations around it … let’s not make this easy).

Did you do it? If you did … what did you find?Online Techniques Blogging Workshop

As of this moment, the Online Techniques blogging Workshop Sale Page is sitting in the #8 spot on the first page … out of 11,300,000 other website results.

(By the time you read this … you may find this blog post about the Blogging Workshop there as well! The same techniques are being used as I write this! Can you tell?)

So … why? Have we done a lot of promotion of the page? No … we haven’t yet at all. The site has been bookmarked, but we haven’t done any video distribution, article marketing, or any of the other techniques we use to drive traffic to a website. So … why is it there?

The reason is simple: The Online Techniques Blogging Workshop Sale Page is a WordPress blog that’s been highly optimized for search engines … using the exact techniques taught in the Blogging Workshop itself! The Blogging Workshop itself is the proof that yes, we do know what we’re talking about … and we can teach it all to you in the Online Techniques Blogging Workshop!

The OT Blogging Workshop:
Your Complete Blog Building Education

That’s it in a nut shell. The Online Techniques Blogging Workshop is the place to go for the experienced blogger who wants to learn to use a blog more effectively.

It’s also the place to go for the blogging newbie to learn how to build a really traffic-grabbing blog from the ground up!

I want to invite you to take a look at the new Online Techniques Blogging Workshop Video Series! 14 videos designed to equip you with the very best blogging knowledge … from seo for blogs to blog building itself. You’ll learn it all … and your business will thank you for it!

Have a GREAT Day … and enjoy the Online Techniques Blogging Workshop!


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eZineArticles Plugin For Wordpress

eZineArticles Plugin For WordPress: Delete It Now

The eZineArticles Plugin
For WordPress

Delete It Now!

The eZineArticles Plugin For WordPress
The Google Debacle!

The eZineArticles plugin for WordPress has been one of the things we’ve recommended and used here at Online Techniques with great success. This blog post is necessary, however, because as of right now we are no longer recommending using the eZineArticles plugin. In fact, we are recommending you de-activate and then delete the eZine Articles plugin from your WordPress blog.

Here’s the story …

The eZineArticles Plugin For WordPress
The Directory Giant Loosens up!

eZineArticles is the most powerful and most visited article directory on the Internet. For years it’s been a traffic giant, and a great tool to use in your traffic generation programs. They have always been a bit picky, though, and would never publish your articles if they found them on another article directory first. In fact, for a long time, they didn’t even like seeing your articles posted on your own site!

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Internet Marketing Training: Keyword Research in The Learning Wing

Free Internet Marketing Training
Keyword Research

The Learning Wing On Thursday
Keyword Research

Well, I hope everyone enjoyed last week’s free Internet marketing training session in the Learning Room when we discussed SEO Presser and how to use it, this week we’re on to keyword research. The reaction from the group was overwhelmingly positive and this entire project has become really fun for all of us here at Online Techniques.

This post is just a quick reminder about this coming Thursday … and an invitation to join us, if you haven’t already. The Learning Wing is the training section of Online Tecniques. Every Thursday evening from 9PM EASTERN / 6PM Pacific, I personally host a free Internet marketing training session in our online conference room. We cover subjects that will help you create income from home working online … mostly concerning blogging.
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