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Search Engine Optimization: Reverse Engineering Search Engine Algorithms is Getting Harder

Search Engine Optimization:
Maybe A Quality Site Is Just Easier Now …

Everywhere we turn these days we're hearing about "Panda" and "Penguin" and how Google is changing the game in search engine optimization of our websites. Well, today I found this great article that really helps make clear just what is going on.


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The fact is, the concept of "search engine optimization" is based on creating a certain set of circumstances existing on your page that … not to put too fine a point on it … convince Google that something they want to see is there, when most usually … it's not. Google likes to see lots of interest in a site by a lot of different folks … so we back-link to create that impression. Google likes to see that the content of a site is delivering information pertinent to a particular search … so we compose with an eye to keyword density, sometimes saturating a post or page with our keyword. In short … Searcch Engine Optimization is really "gaming" the system to gain ranking.

All of the changes in how things work that Google has made lately have been designed to reduce the effectiveness of search engine optimization and all SEO strategies. Google wants to force content creators and web designers to "put on the white hat" and focus on creating relevant, high quality websites that deliver pertinent high-quality content to the end user.

Guess what? With the way things are going … it just might be easier these days to create and manage a really high quality, content delivering site … than it is to deal with the difficulties of SEO in this new environment.

Here's a great article by Peter Van Der Graff just published in Search Engine Watch. Take a look and see what he says about it all.

Reverse Engineering Search Engine Algorithms is Getting Harder

By  – "A quality website will become more of a mindset and less a collection of correct signals."

There you have it. With things moving the direction they are these days, it just might be easier, simpler, and a more successful strategy in the long term, to simply stop with the "thin" affiliate sites … and learn to create quality websites that serve the end user best and can stand on their own in this Brave New World of content delivery in the 21st Century.

Although SEO strategies still do work, and are probably not going to disappear overnight, the handwriting may be on the wall in the sense of what is more effective. If you want my two cents worth … go for the high quality approach. Keep good SEO practices in mind, but don't rely on them alone to get your websites ranked. It's quality content and ease of use for the end user that Google wants to see these days.

So … let's give 'em what they want!

Thanks for visiting and Have a Great Day!

Steve Gaghagen

Search Engine Optimization

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Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing: Interview with Arnie Kuenn

Search Engine Marketing Interview:
Arnie Kuenn


Hold on! All we seem to hear about these days is how search engine marketing … specifically the use of link-building techniques and search engine optimization of our web pages … is dead and gone! Google killed it all with their deadly Panda/Penguin one-two punch! Isn't that right?

Search Engine Marketing

Well … yes and no, it seems. As with all things Google … they like to keep you guessing. But here, in this interview from Search Engine Journal, comes Arnie Kuenn, the SEM genius and President of "Vertical Measures" to tell us that we really should get a grip!

Things have changed, but not as completely as some folks seem to think.

Arnie has been around for years … knows his stuff … and says flat out that quality link building is still effective and is here to stay. It's the cheesy link spamming that's got some folks going down in flames.

Here's his interview:

Link-Building and SEO are NOT Dead: Interview with Arnie Kuenn

By Linda Cruz – "As a link-building and SEO expert himself, Arnie has a deep understanding of the impact of Google updates on search engine marketing and optimization …"

I agree with what he's saying here. At Online Techniques we use link-building strategies to help our clients rank their blogs and web sites. We do not use … nor do we recommend … any automated programs that guarantee you thousands of links in a matter of days. That kind of thing has always been a sure road to the infamous "Google slap" … and now it's even more risky.

These kinds of techniques … quality link-building and "white hat" SEO … are still with us … are still valuable … and have their place.

Yes! Google has changed things, and I think for the better! They've made the focus more on quality of content and convenience of content delivery … two things that will serve the end user better in the long run. They may make it more difficult for the "black hat" marketer who thrives on "gaming" the system … but those of us who are interested in working with Google … and not around Google … will be just fine.

Search Engine Marketing.

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Resume SEO: How to Use Keywords To Get Noticed

Search Engine Optimization … For Resumes

Wow! I never thought of this one, I can tell you: search engine optimization for your resume online!

Actually, it makes really good sense. These days a huge percentage of job searchers are searching online. They post resumes online and join job hunter / employer networking sites. Some of these sites are huge! They don't call it "Monster" for nothing, you know!

All of these resumes end up in a keyword searchable database! Those that are optimized for the right keywords … are the ones that will get found!

Here's an article about it from Business Insider by Josh Tolan.

Resume SEO: How to Use Keywords To Get Noticed

"By Josh Tolan – "SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, isn't just a way for companies and individuals to improve their standing in search engines like Google. It can also be a good way for the clever job seeker to get noticed."

In this economy there are lots of us shopping resumes around daily. Are you taking advantage of your own knowledge of keywords and their uses to make sure yours gets found? Do you have a resume mounted anywhere online? If you have … and you didn't think about the points Josh makes in his article … maybe now is the time to revisit it and give it a little look … from an SEO perspective! 

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Social Signals are Taking Over Backlinking in SEO, Daniel Tan Speculated

I've decided that here at Online Techniques we are really more interested in getting you ALL of the information you want about Internet marketing training, blogging, and business online … than we are with providing you with the information WE want you to have. So, starting today we will be much more active here in the OT Blog, and we will be doing our best to provide you with relevant news articles, videos, teachings, blog posts … in short, any and all good information about our preferred topics … from ALL sources, not just from ourselves.

Sound good? Great! It's my idea to turn Online Techniques into a one-stop shopping center for all information you might want regarding search engine marketing, search engine optimization, blogging, website and blog building … I want to put it all in one place for you.

With that in mind … and realizing that NOW is a very good time to start … here's our first article recommendation:

Photo by Danard Vincente

With the advent of Google updates "Panda" and especially the latest one, "Penguin", SEO experts like Daniel Tan, the creator of the "SEO Presser" plugin I recommend so highly, are beginning to speculate that Search Engine optimization as we know it might soon be a thing of the past. Social signals … like Facebook "Likes" and "Shares" or Google+ votes are carrying more and more weight, while things like Backlinking are seeming to fade in importance.

Here's an interesting article from PRWeb via the Albany Times Union that talks about just this … and what you might want to be doing about it with your own sites.

Social Signals are Taking Over Backlinking in SEO, Daniel Tan Speculated

"Savvy web marketers are turning to social media marketing to boost their social signals and spending less time on backlinking efforts due to the new search engine algorithms in determining the best websites. In March of 2012 Google announced that …"

Daniel Tan is no slouch at what he does. If he's paying attention to the "new look" of SEO, I can tell you one thing: I will too!

Have a GREAT Day, everyone! 

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Kate Hill

Google Wonder Wheel Tool …
Where Are You?

Google Wonder Wheel Tool …
Where Are You?

I sat down to do some quick keyword research this morning to find out the Google wonder wheel tool was moved. Why can’t google leave things alone? Now I have to find the the Google wonder wheel tool again…

As a keyword research geek, my panic started to grow as a realized the the Google wonder wheel tool was gone. Oh no this can’t be happening, I must be mistaken. No the Google wonder wheel tool is really gone!

The the Google wonder wheel tool was a great free keyword research tool.

Before I start writing anything like most internet marketers, I do keyword research with several tools. One of the first tools I use is the the Google wonder wheel tool. It was graphic tool that aided you on narrowing a keyword or broadening a key word to a long tail keyword. With the Google wonder wheel tool, visually you were able to see where your keywords would take you. What is better that an online thesaurus with a wheel & spoke graphic?

How To Do Keyword Research Without
The Google Wonder Wheel Tool?

Google Wonder Wheel Tool
Without proper keyword research you can shoot yourself in the foot with the use of certain keywords. If there is too much website competition you will end up on the later pages in a search result. If there is not enough monthly searches you could be on page one of the search results, but not increase your traffic.

Right now I am trying to figure the best way for me to do effective keyword research without the Google wonder wheel tool. For the time being I will have to rely on the Google keyword tool & the related searches at the bottom of the search page. It won’t be the same without the the wheel & spoke design of the Google wonder wheel tool.

Could This Really Be The End For
The Google Wonder Wheel Tool?

Is it possible Google could be so cruel as to remove the Google Wonder Wheel Tool forever? Could a redesign of the Google Wonder Wheel Tool be in the works??? Right now we can only speculate on what Google is doing in regards to the Google wonder wheel tool.

Stay tuned I will certainly keep you posted if there is a new and improved Google Wonder Wheel Tool.Kate Hill

By Kate Hill
Online Techniques
Vice President of Operations

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