Blog Building Services

Blog Building Services

Blog Building Vs. Blog Building For Traffic

Any business that wants to succeed online must have a website. The easiest and most cost effective way to do this is through blog building and the use of a WordPress blog as the basis for your site. What you need to know is that a traditional, or “static” site is at a tremendous disadvantage when it comes to attracting visitors. Here’s why:

Search engines like content this is relevant, new, and fresh. A blog affords you the opportunity of displaying new content all the time. Most people who work online realize that blog building will increase traffic, but if you’re someone who has a business that simply wants “web presence”, you might not realize that it’s a much quicker route to look at blog building and content creation, than simply mounting a static site like an online calling card.

Blog Building ServicesPlatforms like WordPress make blog building easy. Virtually anyone can create a blog. So why would anyone need blog building services? The answer to that is really fairly simple: a good blog needs to be designed to attract traffic and to rank highly in search engines. As we said, anyone can put up a blog, and graphically it may look gorgeous. BUT … is it actively working to increase traffic and sales?

Look at it this way: If I am going to build an automobile, I’m going to first ask the purpose of the automobile. Is it being built to drive a family of four on interstate highways over long trips? Or, is it to be driven in the Grand Prix at Le Mans? Obviously, if the answer is the second, I’m going to build a different automobile than if the answer is the first!

So … what kind of blog building do you need to do? Are you building a blog to share with friends and family and that’s all you care about? Or, do you want to attract targeted, qualified prospects to your business through your blog. If you answered in the affirmative for the second choice, you need to be implementing a specific kind of blog building technique: Blog Building For Traffic.

Online Techniques specializes in blog building for traffic.

The Blog Building Process

Blog buliding for traffic is a process that can be very time consuming. Many classes are offered online that can assist you with blog building. Online Techniques offers free blog building classes every Thursday at 8pm est/5pm pst. During those classes we will typically cover one blog building activity per week. We also cover techniques and strategies for use of your blog, and for attracting traffic to your blog … mostly through content distribution.

However, simply throwing a blog together so it looks nice is usually not enough to drive more traffic to your website. Your blog needs to be configured correctly. How your blog is structured … what plugins are used, which widgets, etc. … is actually much more important than how it looks when it comes to the question of “Will it attract visitors?” or not.

Blog Building For Traffic Strategies

You have two choices for blog building strategies:

The first option is slower, but the most cost effictive way to begin building yourself a blog that will actually attract traffic. First of all consult with us about your current blog and let us know what blog building activities you currently do. We can evaluate your blog and suggest where you need to concentrate your efforts. Then, attend our Thursday evening classes … listen to the recorded trainings in The Learning Wing here on this site … and build your blog slowly. You can speed that whole process up a lot by purchasing and following the lessons in “The Online Techniquies Blog Building Workshop” … a series of 14 videos we’ve made available that walk you through the entire process one step at a time.

The second option is more expensive … but much more convenient and powerful! Let Online Techniques be your blog building assistant and your Personal Blogging Mentor! We will build your blog & configure it for you, in just the manner needed to assure that it’s easy for you to rank with the search engines and dominate your niche!

We’ll go even further: we’ve designed “Service Levels” that you’ll find below. They range from simply building your blog for you and then showing you how it works, all the way to including extensive personal mentoring sessions covering such topics as Detailed Use Of All Plugins, Keyword Research, Creating Your Content To Enhance Search Engine Marketing … you name it.

Blog Building For Traffic Is A Requirement

Let me give you a good example of Blog Building Services - Ferrariwhat I’m talking about: Would you rather enter the Grand Prix at Le Mans driving a Ferrarri or a Ford Pinto? I can guarantee you right now! Driving the Ford Pinto will guarantee you the highest gas mileage of anyone on the course!

It will also guarantee that you lose the race.

Blog building presents the same type of choice. What it comes down to in the end is how difficult or easy it will be for you to put a post on the front page of a Google search term. If it costs you an investment in time or money to get that done … it will be well worth it in the end.

Blogging is just like a Grand Prix … it’s a race. There are now MILLIONS of bloggers and blogs out there, and if you want to win the all important race for traffic … you need to be driving the Ferrarri of blogs. Blog building must be done with this in mind … whether it’s a task you tackle yourself … or one for which you need or want help.

When you’re ready to start blog building for traffic, give us a shout. At Online Techniques we’re able, qualified, and ready to help with all your blog building needs!

Fill out the form on the “CONTACT US” page … and we’ll be in touch!


Blog Building Services
Blog Building Services


Blog Building Services - Personal Mentoring
Blog Building Services

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