Search Engine Marketing: Interview with Arnie Kuenn

Search Engine Marketing Interview:
Arnie Kuenn


Hold on! All we seem to hear about these days is how search engine marketing … specifically the use of link-building techniques and search engine optimization of our web pages … is dead and gone! Google killed it all with their deadly Panda/Penguin one-two punch! Isn't that right?

Search Engine Marketing

Well … yes and no, it seems. As with all things Google … they like to keep you guessing. But here, in this interview from Search Engine Journal, comes Arnie Kuenn, the SEM genius and President of "Vertical Measures" to tell us that we really should get a grip!

Things have changed, but not as completely as some folks seem to think.

Arnie has been around for years … knows his stuff … and says flat out that quality link building is still effective and is here to stay. It's the cheesy link spamming that's got some folks going down in flames.

Here's his interview:

Link-Building and SEO are NOT Dead: Interview with Arnie Kuenn

By Linda Cruz – "As a link-building and SEO expert himself, Arnie has a deep understanding of the impact of Google updates on search engine marketing and optimization …"

I agree with what he's saying here. At Online Techniques we use link-building strategies to help our clients rank their blogs and web sites. We do not use … nor do we recommend … any automated programs that guarantee you thousands of links in a matter of days. That kind of thing has always been a sure road to the infamous "Google slap" … and now it's even more risky.

These kinds of techniques … quality link-building and "white hat" SEO … are still with us … are still valuable … and have their place.

Yes! Google has changed things, and I think for the better! They've made the focus more on quality of content and convenience of content delivery … two things that will serve the end user better in the long run. They may make it more difficult for the "black hat" marketer who thrives on "gaming" the system … but those of us who are interested in working with Google … and not around Google … will be just fine.

Search Engine Marketing.

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