Resume SEO: How to Use Keywords To Get Noticed

Search Engine Optimization … For Resumes

Wow! I never thought of this one, I can tell you: search engine optimization for your resume online!

Actually, it makes really good sense. These days a huge percentage of job searchers are searching online. They post resumes online and join job hunter / employer networking sites. Some of these sites are huge! They don't call it "Monster" for nothing, you know!

All of these resumes end up in a keyword searchable database! Those that are optimized for the right keywords … are the ones that will get found!

Here's an article about it from Business Insider by Josh Tolan.

Resume SEO: How to Use Keywords To Get Noticed

"By Josh Tolan – "SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, isn't just a way for companies and individuals to improve their standing in search engines like Google. It can also be a good way for the clever job seeker to get noticed."

In this economy there are lots of us shopping resumes around daily. Are you taking advantage of your own knowledge of keywords and their uses to make sure yours gets found? Do you have a resume mounted anywhere online? If you have … and you didn't think about the points Josh makes in his article … maybe now is the time to revisit it and give it a little look … from an SEO perspective! 

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