eZineArticles Plugin For WordPress: Delete It Now

The eZineArticles Plugin
For WordPress

Delete It Now!

The eZineArticles Plugin For WordPress
The Google Debacle!

The eZineArticles plugin for WordPress has been one of the things we’ve recommended and used here at Online Techniques with great success. This blog post is necessary, however, because as of right now we are no longer recommending using the eZineArticles plugin. In fact, we are recommending you de-activate and then delete the eZine Articles plugin from your WordPress blog.

Here’s the story …

The eZineArticles Plugin For WordPress
The Directory Giant Loosens up!

eZineArticles is the most powerful and most visited article directory on the Internet. For years it’s been a traffic giant, and a great tool to use in your traffic generation programs. They have always been a bit picky, though, and would never publish your articles if they found them on another article directory first. In fact, for a long time, they didn’t even like seeing your articles posted on your own site!

This has been the reason for our recommendation that all articles be submitted to eZineArticles FIRST … and then to other directories and your own site AFTER acceptance there.

eZineArticles Plugin For WordPressThat changed a while ago, and eZineArticles announced that they would accept articles that were already mounted on your own blog or website … not another article directory … but a site that could be verified as your own was all right. Right after this, they introduced the eZineArticles plugin for WordPress, which really made things easy.

The eZineArticles plugin for WordPress sat next to your editing window in WordPress, and could be used to submit your blog post directly to eZineArticles as an article! It was the height of convenience, worked very well, and we here at Online Techniques jumped on it right away, incorporating it into our blog building services and strategies.

The eZineArticles Plugin For WordPress
Doubts At First … But They Were Assuaged!

As always, with such things, the eZineArticles plugin for WordPress immediately raised some red flags. Some wondered if people using it could be running afoul of Google’s rules regarding duplicate content. There was a bit of a controversy at first, but the powers that be at eZineArticles did look seriously into the issue, and most people agreed that it wasn’t too much of a concern at that point.

So … after a bit of a slow start … the eZineArticles plugin for WordPress became a well accepted and powerful tool for the article marketing blogger.

Google Upsets The Apple Cart
The eZineArticles Plugin Debacle

As you may or may not know, just at the end of this last February, Google re-wrote all their algorithms again.

As usual when they do this there are some obvious good points to what they’ve done, and some that appear completely boneheaded. At this point, I’m convinced that anyone who tells you they understand why Google does what it does … and that they understand what Google is doing at any given moment … is simply lying to you, or maybe themselves.
eZineArticles Plugin For WordPress
At any rate, in February Google changed how it works, and suddenly everything submitted through the eZineArticles plugin for WordPress was “dinged” as “duplicate content”. The result: eZineArticles website lost about 50% of its traffic! That’s right … about ½! They’re building back up again and will be fine, but this happened with no warning to anyone and has been devastating to many.

Recommendation: Dump The eZineArticles Plugin For WordPress

So … not to belabor the point, but the eZineArticles plugin for WordPress is no more. EzineArticles has stopped supporting it and you won’t find it in the WordPress plugin library any more. If you use it, it will look as if your article was submitted … but it hasn’t been.

What you need to do now, is to de-activate and then delete the plugin from your WordPress back office. Don’t simply de-activate … too many people are running blogs with a lot of dead weight in the form of unused plugins slowing them down. De-activate it … and then delete it.

The eZineArticles plugin for WordPress was a great idea while it lasted, but due to Google’s now almost complete control of the Internet, it’s gone. My recommendation to all you article marketers out there is simple: return to the old ways of doing things. Blog posts are blog posts … and articles are articles.

That’s the way it should be anyway … even though the eZineArticles plugin for WordPress was fun for a while.

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